Keep on Blooming CAL

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Welcome to the flower meadow!

I am so grateful for all of my crochet friends around the world. Thank you for your beautiful words about my previous CALs and crochet projects. Don’t you think it’s time for another free CAL? I think it is.  

I´d like to share with you the Keep on Blooming CAL,made with flower hexagon pieces.  

The first flower hexagon piece was designed and tested two years ago. Piece by piece, slowly and carefully by my test group who test and proof read the new designs. At last in the winter of  2018 it was ready, a little sister to this CAL “Keep on Wrapping”,… but I wanted something bigger. In the spring of 2019 the prototype blanket “Keep on Blooming” was ready. The gorgeous flower meadow blanket is made up of six different hexagon pieces, the join, a playful wavy border and cute flower tassels.


I want to thank all my volunteers; you are the best! You made this CAL possible and I am so grateful.  

Please respect all the hard work we have put into this project. I hope you will keep our Facebook group friendly and polite while helping each other. 


Technical support is available in CAL -Crochet A long - group:


Designer, pattern writer, project manager, photos, translation (English): 

Anne Vierimaa


Pattern proof readers, pattern testers:

Marja-Riitta Kopra,

Niina Markula,

Marja-Katariina Kärppä,

Hannele Sillanpää,

Marja Saarinen,

Minna Virtanen,

Salla Raussi

Päivi Metsola

Mervi Järvensivu

CAL – Crochet A Long Testing Team


Keep on Blooming CAL info                     

The blanket is made up of six different hexagon flowers (total of 49 pieces), join, border and flower tassels.                                      

Please note that this CAL requires advanced crochet skills. Patterns are mostly written with photos to support the pattern.

Technical support is available in CAL - Crochet A Long - group:



The Keep on Blooming CAL starts in September 2019. The CAL runs for a total of 8 weeks 26.9 – 14.11.2019. Patterns are published 1 part per week, on Thursdays at 12:00 (Finland time zone UTC + 3).  

Make the required amount of hexagons as listed in the schedule table each week. The 7thpart is the Flower Tassels. They are easy to make and in that week you will have some extra time to catch up if you have fallen behind.  The final part is the joining and border.  

You can also take your time and proceed at your own pace. The patterns will also be available on my webpage after this CAL has ended.

*Notice the required amount of hexagons in Beige-blue yarn-kit

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Yarn info and blanket size  


   Maija (by Gjestal)

   85% wool and 15% polyamide

   Hook size 3.5mm

   Ball 50 g = 130 m



   100 cm x 130 cm

   Please note, yarn-kits are available ONLY in Finland.

Special stitches 

You will find the Special Stitches pdf-file on my webpage All stitches used are listed at the beginning of every part.


Color charts    

Pattern is written using the Beige color package. You will find a color chart PDF file at -> Keep on Blooming CAL -> Links.

You can print this for use with the color choices Black, Off White and Beige-Blue.


Finishing and blocking flower hexagons and blanket

Note the fiber content of the yarn. If you choose you can block your flower hexagons before joining. Pin in place and apply lightly steam with iron or mist with water and leave to dry.

After joining to block entire blanket, pin in place, mist with water and leave to dry completely. 



This publication is protected by the Copyright Act. It is available to you free of charge. You must not modify or distribute the pattern. Reselling the free pattern in all forms (a whole set of instructions or a single part) is prohibited. Selling a finished product is prohibited unless otherwise agreed with the designer. To download pattern for private use:   

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