Garden of Dreams CAL

INTRODUCING - the Garden of Dreams CAL 

Where did all begin?

I first had the idea for this project pop into my mind around the spring of 2017.

 I had just finished writing my patterns for the Kalevala CAL. It was the first sunny day after winter and the snow just started to melt. I was already planning the work on my garden and which flowers I wanted to plant that spring. I live in Oulu, in the northern part of Finland. Normally it isn’t until May when you can start working in your garden and I was very impatient. I was sitting next to my yarn basket full of all nice bright colors. I lifted up my crochet hook and after a few days I had made the first flower pieces for my Garden of Dreams project.


Before this project could be ready for you to enjoy, it took a lot of time… hundreds of hours of voluntary work.  I am so thankful to everyone who helped me and made this CAL a reality.  

I want to thank you wonderful crochet friends who helped, supported, tested, proof-read and gave their time to this project… I am so grateful!


Anne Vierimaa: Designer, pattern writer, project manager, photos, translation (English) 

Päivi Metsola: Proof reader, linguist, pattern tester, photos. 

Marja-Riitta Kopra:Proof reader, pattern tester.

Tarja Mykkänen: Proof reader, pattern tester.

Heidi Heinrichs: Proof reader, pattern tester. 

NiinaMarkula: Proof reader, pattern tester. 

Mervi Järvensivu: 1. Proof reader (English). 

Lynda Hernandez: 2. Proof reader (English).

Special thanks to CAL - Crochet a long FB group for supporting this project. Thank you all to lovely people who have helped me to publish this CAL in English (Other languages are coming soon).

Garden of Dreams (GOD) CAL

This CAL was first published in Finnish in 23.3.2018 – 11.5.2018. GOD CAL is a crochet blanket project. The blanket is made up of six different flowers (dahlia, pansy, poppy, anemone, lily, peony) and in total 12 pieces, plus the joining and the border part. The instructions are designed by Anne Vierimaa/Anceliga Design. Testing instructions, proofreading, crochet and all other background work is done entirely by volunteers. The project, including all the patterns and support by other participants, is free for the participants, (be sure to check out the copyright rules inside the instructions). Use of instructions is forbidden in any profit-seeking context.

Please note that this CAL requires advanced crochet skills. Patterns are mostly written and there are photos to support the written pattern.

Make 2 of each flower piece and the Garden Path lace section for every piece. After you have made the 12 flower pieces, you can join them with the Flower buds joining and the little Hortensia flowers. When all pieces are joined together you make the Passiflora flowers and the Crocus border.

You will find all the patterns free at


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Winter and Fall


85% wool and 15% polyamide

Hook size 3.5mm

Ball 50 g = 130 m


Spring and Summer

Cotton nr.8:    

100% cotton

Hook 3.00mm

Ball 50 g = 165 m


You also need 3.00 mm (Maija) or 2.50mm (Cotton nr.8) hook for the border, scissors and tapestry needle.  

Blanket size and yarn packages  



115 cm x 152 cm 

Cotton nr. 8

108 cm x 146 cm

Special stitches 

You will find the Special stitches pdf-file on my webpage >> Click Here << 

All stitches used are mentioned at the beginning of every part.

Color charts     

Pattern is written by using Winter color package. You will find a Color charts >> Click Here <<



This publication is protected by the Copyright Act. It is available free of chargefor your personal use only. You must not modify or distribute the pattern. Reselling the free pattern in all forms (a whole set of instructions or a single part) is prohibited. Selling a finished product is prohibited unless otherwise agreed with the designer. To download pattern for private use: Sharing the pattern is not allowed. 

Use of instructions is forbidden in any profit-seeking context.