Keep on Blooming CAL - FLOWER TASSELS


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Stitches used in this pattern (US terms): 

ch - chain

ch-sp - chain space

sc - single crochet

SSsc - standing stitch single crochet**

SSFPsc - Standing Stitch front post single crochet**

st/sts -  stitch/stitches

FPsc - front post single crochet

BPsc - back post single crochet

hdc - half double crochet

dc - double crochet

puff - puff stitch**

picot - picot (ch 3, sl st into top of the dc)

sk - skip stitch

slst -  slip stitch

rnd - round

** See special stitch instructions >> Click Here <<

Make 4 tassels for “Keep on Blooming!" – Flower blanket CAL.

You can crochet this block using almost any kind of yarn, but I recommend yarns with a hook recommendation of 3.0 - 4.5 mm.


Use Off White yarn and wrap 50 rounds around a piece of cardboard (about 12 cm tall), you can also use an equal size lid. Cut the yarn. (photo 1) 

Cut 1 meter of the Off White yarn and

fold in half.

Tie the yarn using a several knots tightly on top of the tassels.  Cut the opposite side (in center of yarn) open. (photo 2) 

Using yarn from the ball, wrap 20 rounds tightly around the top part of the tassel (about 1 cm from the top).

Leave 15 cm of yarn and cut. Tie several knots tightly and leave the yarn ends hanging freely. (photo 3)  


Light Brown 

Ch 8, slst into 1st ch.  Crochet Rnd 1 sts into this ring.

1 Rnd 

Ch 1 (do not count as sc), (sc, ch s10,) 4 times. Join to 1st sc with a slst. Cut yarn.  

[4 sc, 4 x ch10-sp]

Rnd 2 

Ch 1 (do not count as sc), (5 sc, 2 hdc, dc, picot, dc, 2 hdc, 5 sc) into the ch10-sp. 

*Sk sc, (5 sc, 2 hdc, dc, picot, dc, 2 hdc, 5 sc) into ch10-sp.* Repeat 3 times, sk sc. Join to 1st sc with a slst,  

Cut yarn and secure ends. 

[40 sc, 16 hdc, 8 dc, 4 picot]


Make a magic ring and crochet Rnd 1 sts into it.

(Leave 20 cm yarn free before creating the magic ring). 

Note: magic ring will be tightened after the flower piece is in its place.


Rnd 1


Ch 1 (do not count as sc), 12 sc. Join to 1st sc with a slst.  

[12 sc]


Rnd 2


(Ch 3, puff, ch 3, slst) into same st.

*Sc into next st, (slst, ch 3, puff, ch 3, slst) into next st.* 5 times.

Sc into next st, join to 3rd ch with a slst. Cut yarn and secure ends.  

[6 sc, (slst, ch3-sp, puff, ch3-sp, slst) 6 times]

Rnd 3

Off White 

SSsc into any sc of previous rnd.

*Ch 5, sk (slst, ch3-sp, puff, ch3-sp, slst) sc into next st.* 6 times. Omit last sc and join to 1st sc with a slst. 

[(ch5-sp, sc) 6 times]

Rnd 4

Off White 

Slst into next ch5-sp.

Ch 3 (count as dc), 7 dc into same ch5-sp. (FPsc into sc, 8 dc into ch5-sp) 5 times. FPsc into sc. Join to 3rd ch with a slst.

Cut yarn and secure ends. Set Rnd 3 petals in front of your work.  

[(FPsc, 8 dc) 6 times]

Rnd 5


SSBPsc into last dc of any 8dc-group.

(sk FPsc, 8 BPsc) 6 times. Omit last BPsc.  

Join to 1st FPsc with a slst. Cut yarn and secure ends.

(Don’t fasten off the beginning of the yarn) 

[48 BPsc]


Set the Leaf on top of the tassel, on the top of the part where you spin the yarn. 

Set the Flower piece on top of the Leaf. Tie the yarn coming from the magic ring (be careful not to break the yarn).

Use the needle and the yarn that you just used,  tighten and tie the knot through the Tassel, Leaf and Flower pieces. Secure ends.  

Take the hook under the yarn on top of the tassel. YO all 4 yarns, pull up to the loop and ch 4 (using all 4 yarns). Secure the yarn and leave the extra yarn free.

Cut and level the tassel’s bottom yarns. If you are using wool yarn, you can steam the tassels fluffy by using the steam of the iron or above the steam of a kettle. 

You need 4 Flower Tassels for your Keep it Blooming Flower Blanket. 

Use the free yarn on top of the tassels to tie them to your work, but make the border first.